Lady Ida

Explore the promising gold exploration potential of the Lady Ida Gold Project, strategically located near the Ida Fault and associated deposits, offering a prime opportunity for significant discoveries.

Situated approximately 29 kilometers from Beacon’s Jaurdi Gold Processing Plant, which is itself located around 50 kilometers west of Kalgoorlie, the Lady Ida Gold Project represents a compelling opportunity for Beacon. A binding offer letter has been executed, outlining the terms of a proposed earn-in and joint venture arrangement for the project.

Under this agreement, Beacon has the opportunity to acquire up to a 100% interest in the Lady Ida Gold Project, a move that will substantially enhance the company’s existing mine life. Shareholder approval will be sought through a meeting to be held in due course to finalise this transformative transaction.

The Lady Ida Project comprises mining tenements M16/262, M16/263, M16/264, L15/224, L16/58, L16/62, L16/103, and applications L16/138 and L16/142. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this exciting venture, poised to elevate Beacon’s gold exploration and mining portfolio.

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