Corporate Governance

We are committed to complying with the highest standards of corporate governance to ensure that all of its business activities are conducted fairly, honestly and with integrity in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws. To achieve this, the Company’s board of directors (Board) has adopted a number of charters and policies which aim to ensure that value is created whilst accountability and controls are commensurate with the risks involved. The Company’s policies and practices comply with the recommendations set out in the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Beacon Minerals Limited Share and Option Structure. ASX: BCN: 3,641,274,861 Fully Paid Ordinary Shares. BCNOB: 149,841,402 Listed Options exercisable at $0.025 on or before 17 August 2022. 180,000,000 Unlisted Options exercisable at $0.053 on or before 3 August 2023.

Please find below information related to Beacon Minerals Limited Corporate Governance Policy.

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Beacon Minerals Limited is an Australian Securities Exchange listed public company (ASX Code: BCN) based in Boulder, Western Australia.

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